BACnet – KNX Gateway

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IBBACKNX1000000 (100 points version) IBBACKNX2500000 (250 points version) IBBACKNX6000000 (600 points version) IBBACKNX1K20000 (1200 points version) IBBACKNX3K00000 (3000 points version) DESCRIPTION: The aim of this integration is to make accessible KNX Data points from a BACnet/IP or BACnet MSTP. The BACnet gateway allows other BACnet devices in the network to perform subscription (COV) requests and, also read and write

MPI/PPI/Profibus to Ethernet

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 The NETLink® PRO Compact combines flexibility with a compact design. Power is supplied to the NETLink® through the CPU of the automation device or externally with DC 24 V as an option. The network connection can be used with any standard Cat-5 cable, making cable lengths up to 100 meters feasible without additional components.

Ixxat InPact, Endustrial Communication Interface Cards (PCI)

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Develop independent of the protocol IXXAT INpact comes with a comprehensive driver package for Windows and Linux with a C programming interface, enabling easy and rapid development of customer-specific applications – independent of the used board version and protocol. Thanks to the uniform programming interface, it is possible to switch quickly between protocols without extensive programming, leading to increased flexibility and a

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