Profibus – CAN Communication(Anybus AB7312 Gateway)

You can control your CAN based devices from Profibus PLC/CPUs. E.g. If you have an installion with Siemens PLC but you have motor drivers or barcode readers etc. with CAN communication. AB7312 would solve your communication issues.

  • Saves machine builders and device manufacturers of integrating a PROFIBUS interface
  • Allows system integrators to retro-fit older CAN-based automation devices into PROFIBUS communication structures
  • Requires no hardware or software changes to be made to the connected device
  • Compatible with all PLCs with PROFIBUS support
  • Performs complete CAN protocol conversion, no PLC function blocks required
  • Flexible CAN frame building method for both Response/Request or Produce/Consume protocols
  • Intelligent I/O data mapping within the Communicator permits even devices with slow CAN communication can be integrated without any restrictions to the upper network
  • Always free technical support from HMS and our global Anybus Distributors

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Here is a demo of the configuration (Loading GIF’s may take some time)

Configuration of Profibus Side

Configuration of CAN side