Profilebus and Profınet in Turkey

PROFIBUS and PROFINET, one of the cornerstones of industrial communication and control, are the established communication standards used in all areas of process and factory automation. PROFIBUS and PROFINET, which have a 25% share in all communication protocols used in the automation sector, have achieved this success; owing to its speed of communication, its stability and its ability to be used in all areas of automation.

In a production model where high speed and synchronization are at the forefront, such as the automotive sector, PROFINET is one of the best choices to keep efficiency and durability at the highest level, while in production environments with explosive atmospheres such as petro-chemistry, Ex-Proof PROFIBUS PA is one of the most reliable choices by keeping the security and zone 0 lines in the forefront. In addition to all these features, PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI), which has a total of 1400 local and international members, which cannot be reached by any other industrial communication organization, has become one of the communication standards that can provide the best support to its users with this wide network.

The organization is located in approximately 100 offices worldwide, the sole representative in Turkey, Emiko’s Automation Ltd. Emikon Automation, which provides on-site and remote technical support services with its PROFIBUS and PROFIBUS PA experts in its structure, has been entitled to be an accredited organization after various training and examinations conducted by PI in 2017. Since 2017, Emicon Automation, which supports local users as PICC (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Competence Center), aims to minimize downtime on production lines with line analysis and improvement services. Mert Kavaf, one of the PROFIBUS engineers within Emikon Otomasyon, stated that they can monitor the PROFIBUS lines in their factories via the internet 24/7 and that errors can be prevented even before they occur. Kavaf continued his words as follows; “There is always a shortage of maintenance on the production line, especially in 3-shift production facilities. With our analyzers, we can overcome this problem and on the Profibus line, the responsible persons can be notified by mail automatically. In some cases, even without any problems, measures can be taken, thus making an additional contribution to the digitalization process of the production facilities”

Industrial 4.0 and Profibus, profinet

PROFIBUS and PROFINET, which are compatible with Industry 4.0 applications. It also attracts attention with its ERP-based software. There is a direct connection between the offices and the production site, as well as safe options for cloud-based solutions. Since 2017, PI is in cooperation with OPC Foundation and continues its activities in this field. On the other hand, with the newly developed Profinet TSN (Time Synchronization Network), it is aimed to minimize the effect of IP cameras, which constitute the highest network load, on the communication line. Thus, it will not be possible to affect the production lines due to the density of data traffic caused by the applications of Industry 4.0 and the problems that may occur during integration will be minimized.